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Blasket Islands SeaLife RIB Tours

Take an exciting Rib adventure around the beautiful Blasket islands….

Experience the thrill of a 2.5 hour speedboat ride around the Blasket islands onboard our newly commissioned 12.5m RIB. Explore hidden coves and sea caves as you travel through the domain of the seals, dolphins, whales and puffins.

The RIB “M/V Freedom” is designed for passenger comfort and safety with individual jockey seats for 12 passengers and an onboard toilet.

So pack your sense of adventure and get ready to have the fresh sea air blowing through your hair. Get that feeling that comes with close encounters with seals and dolphins in the wild as you travel through some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Ireland.

Tours depart from Dingle Yacht Marina (weather permitting) (Minimum age 9 years).

Blasket Island Seal Experience

Take an exhilarating RIB ride to the Great Blasket Island seal colony….

Come aboard for a fast 1.5 hour RIB trip along the beautiful Dingle peninsula coast to the large grey seal colony of the Great Blasket Island, pausing along the way to get close to the spectacular Esk cliffs and explore the Coumeenoole sea caves. Watch out for the pods of common dolphins that often frequent the area from Slea Head to the Blasket Sound.

Tours depart from Dingle Yacht Marina (weather permitting, minimum age 9 years).

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M/V Freedom

  • Dingle Seals

    Dingle Seals

  • Gannets


  • Bottle Nose Dolphin

    Bottle Nose Dolphin

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What to do with the fish you catch?

Here at Dingle Boat Tours we offer 2 hour, 4 hour and full day fishing trips right from our main office at the Marina.

There is a range of fish to be caught out on our waters, including mackerel, pollack, cod and ling, all of which you can take home with you! Each of our experienced skippers will bring you to their favourite fishing grounds to drop your lines. On return from your trip your skipper will fillet the fish for you. 

At this point you have two options for what to do with the fresh Atlantic fish you have just caught...

1. If you are tired after your day out at sea and fancy a pint of Guinness, take your fish over to John Benney's pub just a five minute stroll from the boat to have it cooked up for you with chips and veg. The skipper will call John to reserve a table for you and you can either drop the fish off straight away and organise to come back later in the evening or else have it right away! The cost for this 'Catch and Cook' we offer is only 11euro per person! At John Benney's pub expect a warm, friendly atmosphere with a spot of traditional Irish music in the evenings. Its also a great spot for a starting point of a pub crawl any night in Dingle!

2. The second thing you can do is cook it yourself!

On a sunny day you if you are staying in self-catering start up a barbecue for your fish. If its not barbecue appropriate weather here is an easy and yummy recipe from Mary who you are likely to meet when you book your tickets!

- Dust your filleted fish with flour and sprinkle with salt and black pepper. 

- Heat up some butter/oil in a pan on a medium heat. Fry each side of the fish (skin side first!) for approx 5 mins until fish is opaque and golden and crispy.

- Serve with lemon wedges, baby potatoes and veg and enjoy!

Alternatively, if you want something a bit fancier try mixing one part mustard with three parts mayonnaise and spread it on the top side of the raw fish fillet. Place fillets in casserole dish and sprinkle with Parmesan. 

Preheat the oven to 180/Mark 5 and bake the fish for 15-20 mins until fish is cooked through. You can add some cherry tomatoes and lemon wedges to the casserole dish also!


Our fishing trips depart everyday weather permitting on our three fully licensed and equipped 12 passenger boats. The cost for a 2 hour trip is 30euro per adult and 20euro for kids including gear. 

Call us on 087 6726100 to check the weather and too book or call into one of our offices at the Marina Centre and opposite the car park on Strand Street. 

Hope to see you out on the water soon!



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What to expect on our Harbour Tour...

Every time I go out on our Harbour Tour I learn something new. Each of our knowledgeable guides have their own unique story to tell while you are out on the water, embracing their own quirks, tales and interests. 

Today's blog will give a brief overview of some of the interesting topics that were covered on my recent trip to demonstrate the wide range of things there are to learn about our Harbour and Bay in a short one hour trip!


As you depart the dock on on board one of the spacious seated and covered boats the guide will give a brief itinerary of what you can hope to see during the trip. Most of the harbour tours begin with a visit to Fungi, our local celebrity at the mouth of the Harbour. Any burning questions you may have about how old he is, why he chose to reside in Dingle (expect several theories!), his age expectancy or even where he got his unusual name- will be answered at this point. 

There are several landmarks that will be pointed out within Dingle Harbour such as Hussey's Folley, the Tourín Bán and Esc Tower which were all build during the Famine times. The boat will then continue out the mouth of the Harbour and cruise along the fantastic cliff scenery of Dingle Bay and you will be able to see immediately why our bay is a geologists dream! The sea and cliff formations created by the wild Atlantic ocean are a spectacular sight and often are forgotten about in a standard itinerary of things to do in Dingle. A vague recollection of my geography leaving certificate course of sea stacks and weathering came to the surface as the guide informatively explained what we were seeing and how they were formed over time. Some particular landmarks to look out for are Fungie's bedroom and the Giants Iron!

If you are interested in birdlife, the guide will point out any birds that you can see in the bay, such as gannets, black guillemots, cormorants, shags and razorbills and a bit about them. 

From the boat, if the day is clear enough you can see the Blasket Islands which are approximately a 50 minute boat journey from Dingle.

After you have learned enough about the history of the Great Blaskets island and its previous inhabitants, about the herd of Irish red dear on our former Taoiseach's island and the wildlife that surrounds these stunning Islands (puffins, sharks and whales, oh my!) you will return to the Harbour for the remainder of this historical experience. 

Learn about Lord Ventry and his manor house and the botanical gardens that gave rise to many of the flowers you can see in Kerry. And finally, the highlight for many of the passengers on board, learn about the recent Star Wars production that took place on our peninsula as well as the starting point of the tourism industry in Dingle- the filming of Ryans Daughter and Far and Away, and no- it wasn't Fungie that put Dingle on the Map! 

As you can see, there is a wealth of things to learn on the Harbour Tour, and that is only a very brief overview!

The Harbour Tour departs everyday weather permitting from our main office at the Yacht Marina in Dingle and costs 10euro per adult, 5euro per child. 

I hope to see you out on the water soon!



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